Tailor Made Solar Power

How does solar power work?
May 8, 2015
Builders and Architects
May 8, 2015

At DA Solar we understand that like people, no two homes or businesses are the same. That’s why we design all of our grid-connect systems and off-grid systems to the specific requirements of our customers. We realise that people purchase solar power systems for many different reasons. Some do it to reduce their power bills, some do it to do their bit to save the world… we have even installed one system that was a house-warming gift! The purchase of a solar system is very often a personal decision and for this reason most of our customers have a specific goal in mind. At Solar SunStar we are trained to design solar systems that will help you meet these goals, whether you require expandability in your inverter or you have a particular preference in solar panels, we can design a solution for you. So no matter whether you need a standard PV grid-connect system, a customised stand-alone system, or a building integrated PV (BIPV) solution, we can help.

We operate on a philosophy that promotes local focus for all our clients. Our extraordinary company culture means that you deal with the best in the industry. We won’t send you through a minefield of call centres and various departments. Our local focus means that you deal directly with a local account manager with the backing of expert professional engineers, project managers, designers and logistics support.