Solar Hot Water

Using solar energy to heat water is not only eco-friendly but pocket-friendly also. The traditional method of heating water is considered one of the biggest factors contributing towards increasing greenhouse effects.

We can always cash on Australian’s abundant solar energy and enjoy hot water facility for no cost. A solar water heater by DA Solar Innovations can help you achieve your energy and cost saving goals. A solar water heater or pump has a gas or electronic energy booster which provides hot water throughout all seasons of the year.

Enjoy huge savings on your energy utility bills and contribute towards environment health with DA Solar Innovations.

Solar Hot Water product range for Solar Distributors

SolAir World International are proud to introduce a Solar Hot Water product range. Providing an innovative way of saving on hot water costs while providing a cost effective hot water solution all year round for the end customer.

Solar Hot Water products are manufactured to military standards and have an internationally recognised quality assurance system in place.

Each month we roll out numerous special offers and discounts for our solar panels.