How Solar Power works

Almost every Australian house is connected to the NEG (National Electricity Grid) which networks power generation stations to everyone’s house.

A Grid-Connect Solar PV (Photovoltaic) System is installed on roof of your house. It acts a small power supply station for your house and stores excessive power back to the Grid system.

All the solar systems are constituted of solar panels, an electric inverter and a meter. These solar panels or Photovoltaic modules are used to generate and accommodate energy from sun.

At homes our electronic equipments are run by AC or Alternating Current. But the electricity collected by solar energy is in the form of DC or Direct Current. Hence, an inverter is also installed to convert DC into AC which is usable. Furthermore, the solar panel system is connected to the grid via a meter. It will help you determine the amount of electricity generated and sell back the extra electricity.

The main benefit of solar systems is that the excessive amount of energy generated during day-time is saved and your house gets power supply from the grid where the energy is stored.

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